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About This Item

HD-Space Invite - 

  • As implied by the name of the tracker, HD-space.org is a tracker site for torrents with High Definition (HD) 720 / 1080p quality. This tracker has a very stylish and nice dark design with perfect structured menus and structured information in them.
  • HD-Space is 9 years old HD tracker for Movies/TV BluRay Disks and BluRay encodes.
  • It has very good internal encoders "RightSiZE, CRiSPY, SpaceHD, HDSpace, BluPanther".
  • Also, they have external encodes like from best encodes of other trackes.
  • Speed is great with many seedboxes.
  • They have freeleech content plus the bonus system makes it easy to build good ratio.
  • Community is good and helpful.
  • The tracker looks great, very easy to browse with stylish and nice dark design.
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