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  2. Tracker's Name: PussyTorrents | PT Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Review's Link: PussyTorrents | PT | XXX | 2019 Review Additional information: PussyTorrents is a Private Torrent Tracker for XXX
  3. Insane Tracker News

    Google Translation: Upload activity There is an upload promotion on the site. Each accepted Program / ISO Program / Other torrent is worth 15 bonus points!
  4. Milkie News

    Spring Refresh Dear Members! We have great news to share: we are now out of beta and significantly optimized the site. Our community is expanding, torrents are well-seeded and we will launch new features soon. Thank you very much for your constant support! It is truly great to have such dedicated users! We would like to remind you that your account comes with free invites which will expire soon. Please make sure to invite all your friends at your earliest convenience. We do not hold you responsible for your friends' actions so there is no need to cherrypick them. In fact we even plan to give you rewards if you invite many new members, as we would like to grow even further. You can generate a new invite link at the Invite Menu Please remember to visit Milkie at least monthly. We might prune inactive members in the future. Come join our Discord server to share your feedback or just request a feature - we are listening to you Regards the Milkie Staff
  5. Tracker's Name: BRObits Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Additional information: BRObits is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV Releases.
  6. A coalition of entertainment companies headed up by Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Disney and Amazon have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against 'pirate' IPTV service Nitro TV. Alleging 'brazen' and 'massive' breaches of their rights, the companies are demanding millions in damages and a broad injunction. Web-based streaming, torrent, and direct download sites have been targeted by the entertainment industries for years but the rise of subscription-based IPTV services is now considered a major threat to business. These services, available for a relatively small monthly outlay, can (reliability permitting) not only replace licensed TV packages but also video-on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Considering the broad range of content on offer, they also compete with physical blu-ray sales and even titles still in their theatrical windows. Perhaps one of the best-known IPTV brands in this space is Nitro TV / Nitro IPTV but whether that will remain the case in the weeks and months to come remains to be seen. Late Friday a coalition of entertainment industry companies filed a lawsuit against Alejandro Galindo, the supposed operator of Nitro TV, plus an additional 20 ‘Doe’ defendants. Filed in a California district court by companies owned by Columbia, Amazon, Disney, Paramount, Warner, and Universal, the lawsuit alleges that Nitro TV offers subscription packages consisting of thousands of “live and title-curated television channels” available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the United States and abroad. “The channels available on Nitro TV include many of the world’s most popular television programs and motion pictures such as The Office, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Toy Story 3, Star Trek Beyond, Homecoming and Joker, including works whose copyrights Plaintiffs own or exclusively control,” the complaint reads. “Plaintiffs and/or their affiliates have invested and continue to invest substantial resources and effort each year to develop, produce, distribute, and publicly perform their Copyrighted Works through legitimate market channels that in aggregate create a content ecosystem that is safe and reliable for consumers. “Defendants’ unlawful conduct in operating Nitro TV directly and willfully subverts that ecosystem through pursuit of illicit profits from massive and blatant infringement of Plaintiffs’ Copyrighted Works,” it continues. Noting that the service can be accessed via the web, mobile devices, and smart TVs, the lawsuit continues with an overview of the Nitro TV business model. At least in part, marketing is carried out via a Facebook group, with defendant Alejandro Galindo the alleged administrator. This group is described as a platform to promote Nitro TV subscriptions, with Galindo accused of using it to induce, encourage and facilitate infringement. It also doubles as a way to expand the number of individuals re-selling Nitro TV packages to end-users. “Among other things..[.]..Defendants used this Facebook group platform to inform subscribers of Nitro TV’s new channels and program offerings, to provide subscribers with updates about the Nitro TV Platforms, and to invite subscribers to post on the Nitro TV Facebook Group page the TV shows they wanted added to Nitro TV,” the companies add. According to the complaint, the website is the “primary interface” through which users can obtain Nitro logins, which are acquired in one of two ways – either via a direct purchase or from a Nitro TV reseller. These resellers, which are essentially middle-men, buy ‘credits’ from Nitro which are then converted into end-user accounts, “typically” sold for $20 per month for two devices. “One of Defendants’ resellers recently boasted about the success of his resell efforts: ‘Over 45,000 customers activated in the last 12 months.’ That is just one Nitro TV reseller. There are scores of them,” the complaint notes. Once signed up, these customers are able to access an expansive service offering thousands of channels and video-on-demand libraries via convenient interfaces. “The live television channel offerings are streamed contemporaneously with the original source of the telecast. In other words, the television program airing on a television channel (e.g., FX, the Disney Channel, Paramount Network) through an authorized source (e.g., a cable operator, satellite TV provider) is available on the Nitro TV Platforms at the same time. Many of these television channels include the Copyrighted Works.” (sample below) While “thousands” of live channels being made available without the appropriate licensing is clearly contentious, at this stage this aspect doesn’t appear central to the complaint. Instead, it focuses on Nitro’s VOD services and so-called ’24/7′ channels. Nitro subscribers have the ability to select a ‘catch up’ feature through which they are able to watch shows that aired during the previous two days, on Disney Channel or Paramount Network, for example. This type of VOD service, the lawsuit claims, is “only possible by copying the programming.” 24/7 channels are offered by many IPTV services and usually consist of episodes of a single show or even a single movie played on a continuous loop. By way of example, the lawsuit highlights Peaky Blinders and Friends fin the TV category and Spider-Man and Captain America in the movie section. Given the reach and scale of the Nitro service, the movie and TV companies believe that it not only undermines their business models but also those of their partners. These include legitimate online services that pay for licenses to show content that Nitro is obtaining for free. “This unfair competition undermines the legitimate market for content streamed over the Internet, which is a robust and growing part of Plaintiffs’ businesses and an important option to many consumers,” they add, noting that Nitro is creating confusion in the market by misleading people as to what is legal and what is not. “Nitro TV subscribers and potential subscribers may mistakenly view Nitro TV as a legal and sanctioned alternative to authorized distribution outlets and licensees, when it is not. This harms the market for legitimate services by drawing users away from Plaintiffs’ legitimate licensees.” Alleging willful direct copyright infringement, the movie and TV company plaintiffs demand either damages and defendants’ profits in amounts to be proven at trial or statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringed work. Addressing the possibility that Nitro may claim that it is third-parties that are responsible for violating performance and reproduction rights under the Copyright Act, the companies note that the defendants are still “knowingly and materially contributing to such infringement” so are liable for contributory copyright infringement. As such, the plaintiffs are able to claim damages and Nitro’s profits or statutory damages of up to $150,000 per infringed work. The complaint further alleges that Nitro and the Doe defendants intentionally induce infringement by “supplying and promoting the use of the Nitro TV Platforms to connect customers to unauthorized online sources that stream Plaintiffs’ copyrighted works, and by actively inducing, encouraging, and promoting the use of Nitro TV for copyright infringement.” Again, statutory damages of up to $150,000 are requested. Finally, the lawsuit demands preliminary and permanent injunctions not only against all defendants, but also third-party companies. They include Namecheap and, the domain registrars for and respectively. It is requested that they maintain “unchanged” WHOIS records for the domains, change their name-servers to those controlled by the plaintiffs, prevent the transfer of the domains, and preserve all evidence relating to them. Ultimately, the movie and TV show companies seek to take control of all Nitro domain names. The full complaint plus sample movie and TV show list can be obtained here and here (pdf) Source:
  7. In a wave of new DMCA subpoena applications, MG Premium is hoping to discover the identities of individuals said to be responsible for pirate uploads on tube sites. However, given the way that the subpoena applications are worded, it seems likely that with assistance of Cloudflare, the adult giant is trying to unmask the operators of the sites themselves. MG Premium, the adult entertainment giant behind brands including Reality Kings, Brazzers, MOFOS,, and Twistys, appears to be increasing the pressure on sites that allegedly distribute its content without permission. As previously reported, one of those targets is the massive adult tube site YesPornPlease. This February, MG Premium filed a full-blown lawsuit against the site in a Washington court, potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the action began months earlier with a DMCA subpoena directed at Cloudflare. Through processes like this, MG Premium hopes to obtain crucial identifying information about site operators and/or uploaders. At US courts this week, MG Premium made several similar requests targeting additional adult domains, all of which use the services of Cloudflare. The first pair of subpoenas, filed at a Washington district court, target and Whether these are directly connected to MG’s earlier target isn’t made clear in the applications but the nature of the action is obvious. “MG is the owner of numerous copyrighted audiovisual works. In the course of protecting its works, MG has determined that infringing copies of these works, posted at the direction of individual users and without authorization from MG, appear on Cloudflare, Inc.’s website ‘’,” one of the applications reads. MG notes that it has been sending DMCA infringement notices to Cloudflare but it is now applying for a DMCA subpoena to obtain the identity of the individuals “who are posting the infringing content.” A closer examination of the wording in the subpoena shows that this can easily extend to the site’s operators too. “For the period January 1, 2016 through the present, produce all documents and account records that identify the person(s) or entities that caused the infringement of the material described in the attached Exhibit B DMCA notifications to the DMCA Agent for Cloudflare, Inc., and/or who unlawfully uploaded MG Premium Ltd’s copyrighted works at the URLs listed in the notifications, including but not limited to identification by names, email addresses, IP addresses, user history, posting history, physical addresses, telephone numbers, and any other identifying information,” the request reads. An almost identical application seeks the same information relating to alleged infringers at, a domain that appears to have been put into use around October last year. A third application, which in most key respects is a copy of the others, targets At the time of writing and according to SimilarWeb stats, this ‘tube’ site receives just under three million visits per month. Right on its front page it states that visitors can “Watch full premium Sis Loves Me, Brazzers, RealityKings, Teamskeet, Naughty America 2020 HD videos online for free!”, which is probably why MG Premium is interested in the site. Yet another subpoena application, again filed at a Washington district court, demands the same information relating to According to traffic statistics, the site didn’t get any significant traction until December 2019 but steep gains since then now mean it’s pulling in around 1.4 million visits per month. This domain triggered malware warnings several times (apparently due to different threats) during our investigation so we backed away carefully., another MG Premium target, was also the subject of a cookie-cutter DMCA subpoena this week. With around 3.8 million visits in February, it’s bigger than the also-targeted but, unlike the latter, didn’t cause MalwareBytes to light up in panic. Finally, MG Premium also fired off a subpoena application listing a domain called ‘’ as infringing its rights. Sadly, this had us running round in circles because there is no site of that name and the domain is yet to be registered. After closely examining additional paperwork, however, it became clear that this was in fact an error by MG Premium’s law firm. The correct domain should have been listed as the 2.9 million visits per month tube site, which also triggered malware warnings during our checks. Where these cases will go from here remains to be seen but if MG Premium’s action against YesPornPlease is any indicator, more lawsuits could appear on the horizon. The DMCA subpoena applications can be found here (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (all pdf)) Source:
  8. SceneTime News

    We have upgraded our IPTV and added new channels. please redownload your .m3u files. Click here to redownload .m3u Enjoy IPTV/VOD during these hard times of lockdown. ---------------------------------------------- CORONAVIRUS Updates Official recommendations Avoid crowded areas Limit to any direct contact with others Avoid touching surfaces that are frequently touched by others Keep a significant distance of 2 meters from the other people you meet Use, as far as possible, alternative routes or modes of transport to avoid crowded areas of human trafficking Avoid travel to countries with a high number of cases of new coronavirus infections (COVID-19) and discourage people from high-risk areas from returning to the country Limit the use of banknotes and coins Opt for work from home, as far as you have this opportunity offered by the employer Observe strictly the rules of personal hygiene recommended by the authorities Note that in all cases, infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is visible through specific symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) Avoid, as a priority, exposure of the elderly and those with low immunity/diseases associated with other people with flu or cold symptoms, in crowded areas or areas with heavy human trafficking Report to the authorities any case of which you are aware that they may have contacted a person confirmed with the new coronavirus or came from an affected country Inform your family doctor immediately if you have traveled to areas affected by a coronavirus (COVID-19), even if they were NOT on the list of areas under alert at the time Stay home if you have flu or cold symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) and call your family doctor for advice, DO NOT go to the emergency department for the first time If you are in self-isolation at home, strictly follow the recommendations of the authorities, do NOT leave your home in any way during the 14 days, do not receive visitors and do not get in close contact with any persons who provide you with food or products. Details on the number of cases Worldometers COVID-19 Tracker
  9. Lesaloonv2-0 News

    Google Translation: Hello Salooniens, FreeLeech surprise for all, from the Staff! Freeleech until Sunday May 3, 2020 (extended) at 11:00 p.m. Quebec time.
  10. Asgaard News

    Google Translation: STAFF is again looking for Torrent Moderators! Then there's good news again! We are extremely busy approving all the torrents that are uploaded to the site. We can hardly keep up. It's going really strong currently. That's why we need to use YOU! We have rewarded ALL of our former Torrent Moderators with a promotion. They have really shown that they have been here to help. Therefore - for accession, as soon as possible, we are looking for several TORRENT MODERATORS What responsibility does a Torrent Moderator have? - You help ensure that all new torrents that are uploaded, are checked for the requirements and quality of the site. - You will of course be thoroughly trained in this task! What does this responsibility require from you? - You must log on to the site daily and help reduce the amount of uncontrolled torrents in the pool. - You have a great deal of discipline and an eye for even small details. - You have the ability to make a difference and the will to actually make it! Being part of the Torrent Moderator team actually offers several benefits. These will be explained during a possible conversation, with our Torrent Responsible staffer. Should you be interested in becoming part of the Torrent Moderator team, please do not hesitate to send our Torrent Responsible a message. Write a little about yourself and your background and why you want to be on his team. Tell us about your experience with the torrent environment and explain to him, why exactly YOU want to be a bonus for his team. You can apply by clicking here.
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    Torrent Announcer is offline for the past 16 hours. IRC Service "che" is offline.
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    Maintainance - We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance and upgrades at the moment. We will be back online shortly! — TeamOS Team
  13. Redacted (RED) News

    Inactivity Pruning Resumed With the tracker issues happily sorted and well behind us, please note we have turned on pruning for inactive torrents back on as mentioned in the previous update. A bit of a setback, but a big number is still on the horizon...
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  25. Every day, dozens of millions of people use BitTorrent to download and share files. Although there is a wide variety of clients to choose from, fresh data reveal that uTorrent remains the top choice for most. The competition, including Transmission and qBitTorrent, are left with a small piece of the pie, which they share with the popular Russian apps Zona and MediaGet. The file-sharing landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. To a certain degree, this is also true for the BitTorrent ecosystem. Popular sites such as KickassTorrents., and ExtraTorrent are no more, and the original YTS and EZTV groups have been long disappeared as well. While sites have come and gone, there’s still one torrent client that the public at large prefers. When we last looked at the market share of BitTorrent clients, more than ten years ago now, uTorrent was already firmly in the lead. Today, this is no different. With help from iknowwhatyoudownload we looked at over 25 million logged BitTorrent connections on a single day last week. This reveals that more than two-thirds (68.6%) of these were using uTorrent’s desktop version. The vast majority of these users were updated to the most recent 3.5.5 release, but dozens of older versions are in use as well. Although no longer officially supported, there are also hundreds of thousands of people who still use uTorrent for Mac. The most popular Mac client, however, appears to be Transmission. This is a notable change compared to a decade ago when its market share was much lower. Although Transmission also has a beta Windows release, that userbase is believed to be relatively small. Below is an overview of all software with at least 0.1% market share* which translates to roughly 25,000 logged connections. BitTorrent Client Market Share, March 2020 Ranking Client Market Share 1 uTorrent 68.6% 2 BitTorrent 6.6% 3 Libtorrent (uTorrent Web e.a.) 6.3% 4 Transmission 5.1% 5 MediaGet 3.7% 6 qBitTorrent 3.4% 7 Zona 3.3% 8 Deluge 0.9% 9 Bitcomet 0.6% 10 BiglyBT 0.3% 11 FDM 0.2% 12 BitSpirit 0.2% 13 BitLord 0.1% The table shows more good news for uTorrent’s parent company BitTorrent Inc., as the Mainline BitTorrent client takes second place with 6.6%. This client has a different name but is developed by the same company. It’s also pretty much identical to uTorrent in terms of code and features. Aside from the sheer dominance of uTorrent, the appearance of Libtorrent also stands out. Although very popular, this is not a torrent client but a library that is used by a wide variety of torrent applications. The most-used Libtorrent version is Some follow up research revealed that this is used by the latest version of uTorrent Web. Instead of its own ‘client ID,’ the latest web version of uTorrent, which is being pushed as the main option now, identifies as Libtorrent. This means that uTorrent’s market share is even higher than the reported 69%. Other surprising entries in the list of most-used clients are Zona and MediaGet. Both applications offer downloading and streaming functionality with an easy-to-use interface. While they are available in English, their userbases are mainly from Russia. The list is further completed by qBitTorrent, Deluge, Free Download Manager (FDM), and BiglyBT. The latter is operated by former developers of Vuze, which was the second most-used torrent client ten years ago, but is no longer actively developed. Other clients that were found in our sample but didn’t make the 0.1% cut are Tribler, Frostwire, Tixati, tTorrent, aTorrent, and PicoTorrent. These may still have thousands of active users on any given day, but their use pales in comparison to the top clients. That is also true for Popcorn Time, which generated quite a bit of press attention over the years. None of the Popcorn Time forks, which identity as ‘webtorrent,’ were anywhere close to the top of the list. The Popcorn Time observation also highlights an important caveat. The data presented here represents clients from users who are actively sharing files. If a client, such as Popcorn Time, stops seeding after a movie is done, it will no longer be logged in the following days. As such, clients used by people who continue to seed files may be somewhat overrepresented. We are planning to repeat these and similar analyses more frequently in the future, so we can spot more trends. However, it’s quite clear that uTorrent is not going to give up its top spot anytime soon. — *BitTorrent clients are identified through the ‘client ID’ which is publicly broadcasted to trackers and over DHT. The totals reported here are based on a sample of the client IDs with at least 10,000 connections. After that, different versions of the same client were added up. Source:
  26. The Shinning (TSH) News

    Google Translation: Registration of a web server or seedbox. Dear community, a root or seedbox registration is now mandatory. You have to enter your server in our protocol. You can find it under your profile in the top right corner. PLEASE ONLY SERVER !! NO TELECOM, NO CABLE LIPS OR OTHER PROVIDERS Your tracker user name and the IP are entered under My Seedbox(es). Unregistered IPs are blocked without warning! Greetings // Staff
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