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    Site is down. The server is not responding.
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    If someone uploads a torrent, post it here on the SB, the system will not announce it automatically for a while, we are testing something.
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    Google Translation: Image bed Website image bed here
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    Google Translation: Formula One racing Game! Dear User You can submit your bets for the Stájer Grand Prix! More here By eStone Staff
  13. Jailbreaking tools are generally protected from copyright infringement claims through a DMCA exemption. This week, however, GitHub removed the Chimera13 jailbreak code. The takedown notice, which is disputed, doesn't come from Apple though, but was sent by the rival jailbreak solution Unc0ver. Apple’s iOS devices are part of a closed ecosystem that doesn’t allow much tinkering and keeps unvetted apps out. This works well for the vast majority of people but for those who demand more, jailbreaking is always an option. While Apple doesn’t like the fact that outsiders are circumventing their restrictions to open up access, it generally turns a blind eye to jailbreaks. The company patches leaks but since the DMCA offers a jailbreak exemption, taking legal action is not the obvious response. Unc0ver vs. Chimera13 In this light, it’s interesting to see that several copies of the Chimera13 jailbreak were taken down by GitHub this week, through a DMCA notice. This request didn’t come from Apple, however, but from the Unc0ver team, which is behind another iOS jailbreak. The Unc0ver team accuses third-party developers of pirating their jailbreak code. The DMCA notice points a finger at a specific target, developer Coolstar, who allegedly “stole” Unc0ver’s code to use it as part of the Swift-based Chimera13 jailbreak. “He was able to obtain a leaked copy of our private unc0ver repository that was previously available at [private] for selected team members of the Unc0ver Team,” the DMCA notice explains. “We have investigated this user and found that their first appearance on the r/Jailbreak Discord Server, where they later announced that they had obtained the source code, was approximately a day after the infringer had publicly indicated that he was able to obtain information about our work on Twitter,” the Unc0ver team adds. GitHub Takes Down Chimera13 Repositories The DMCA notice asks GitHub to remove the Chimera13 repository as well as dozens of forks. And indeed, the official repository and the forks are all unavailable now. The takedown request is interesting for several reasons. First of all, a team behind an application that is exempted from copyright infringement claims under the DMCA is using the same law to go after another jailbreak app. In addition, the claim itself isn’t without controversy either. Coolstar Sends a Counter-Notice Chimera13 developer Coolstar, who’s a former computer science student at UC Santa Barbara, argues that the takedown notice is unwarranted. He sent a counter-notice to GitHub, asking the company to reinstate his repository. “The code for Chimera13 is original code that I have written in Swift that relies primarily on the public techniques,” Coolstar writes, pointing out the various pieces of open source and publicly available code that’s included. “The only 3rd-party code in this repository is Jake James’ time_waste exploit. However, this is under an open source license (GPL),” he adds, highlighting the license in question. According to Coolstar, the original notice was sent in bad faith. He further accuses the sender of committing perjury and abusing the DMCA process, a claim he repeats on Twitter. Without making any judgments on the claims from both sides, it is clear that this is more than just a regular DMCA request. It appears to be part of an ongoing feud between two camps, which both develop jailbreak solutions. In any case, it will be interesting to see how GitHub responds to the counter-notice. According to the regular DMCA process, the Chimera13 repository will be reinstated within two weeks, unless the Unc0ver team takes the matter to court. Source:
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    x2 Upload Credit Offer This month's x2 Upload Credit Offer is now active. This means ANY donation you make, you will receive double the amount of upload credit and free leech than usual. Click below for more information: here donate.php
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    Site is down. The server is not responding.
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    As some of you might know, we have had some problems the last few days, with the download of some users growing to extreme heights. This happened because of a database leak we had in June 2019. This was a result of a weakness in our codebase, which were promptly fixed as soon as we realized it. Back then, this was announced in Ajax chat /shoutbox, and in hindsight we should probably have handled this differently and have been more thorough on reporting this to you. For this, we are very sorry. The main part of our users will not have been affected by this, only the users who were here in the beginning of Asgaard's life. What happened the last few days is as follows. The hacker who back then took a copy of our data, have used users torrentkeys to report a lot of fake trafic to accounts, the same way that your own torrent client reports trafic. Because of this we will, to stop further attacks, reset all torrentkeys today, which will cause all torrents you are seeding to become red, and you will, in the bottom of this report, find a link to a guide that will help you fix this. Furthermore we suggest that those of you who were a member back in June 2019, also change your password. We do wanna note that your passwords are of course stored encrypted, so even though someone has the database, it is very hard to get access to your real password. We are very sorry for our subpar handling of this leak, and for the trouble it might have caused you, our beloved users. Guide to restart torrents, click here! //Staff
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    Google Translation: Hi! You can listen on our site, the Hungarian Radio of Transylvania, Hungarian songs and retro sounds. Wish program and live chats with performers. We are looking for presenters to expand our officially registered radio team. With good communication and some rhymes, you have your place on the team. If you want to be a member of a developing team, sign up! Apply for a host position
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  19. Amazon Publishing has teamed up with publisher Penguin Random House and authors including Lee Child and John Grisham to sue 'pirate' sites operating under the Kiss Library brand. Filed in a Washington court, the lawsuit targets Ukraine-linked platforms while alleging rampant and willful copyright infringement. LawsuitWell over a decade ago, music platforms like AllofMP3 were a thorn in the side of record labels, selling tracks at cut-down prices without appropriate licensing in place. Today, similar sites are available in many niches, eBooks included. It’s a growing problem that authors, publishers and distributors would like to reduce, in part via a lawsuit filed in a Washington court this week. US Lawsuit Targets ‘Pirate’ Sites Under the ‘Kiss Library’ Brand The complaint sees Amazon Content Services, publisher Penguin Random House and several authors including John Grisham and Lee Child, target a range of ‘pirate eBook sites operating under the Kiss Library brand. The 19-page lawsuit lists several domains (,,, that claim to offer a “premium selection” of books at “unbeatable prices”. The reason for this, the plaintiffs claim, is that they are “replete” with pirated eBooks. “Through Kiss Library, Defendants engage in rampant and willful infringement of Plaintiffs’ intellectual property rights and divert potential customers to Defendants’ sites — where the Plaintiff Authors and Publishers do not receive any royalties for the sales — to purchase and download the unauthorized works,” the complaint reads. The stated claim of the action is to “bring down” the sites and put them out of business. It names several individuals as defendants, including alleged Ukrainian nationals Rodion Vynnychenko and Artem Besshapochny, who are said to have created Kiss Library and actively participate in and profit from its activities. Australian national Jack Brown is said to work as a software developer while also being listed as Kiss Library’s customer service representative. Together with an additional 10 ‘Doe defendants’, Brown is said to act in concert with Kiss Library’s creators to distribute the plaintiffs’ copyright works. Background to Kiss Library’s Activities According to the complaint, Kiss Library first appeared at back in June 2017 after being registered by Vynnychenko in Ukraine. However, due to what the plaintiffs describe as “increased negative reviews and assertions of piracy”, the defendants registered new ‘mirror’ sites including,,,, and, and purportedly operate out of Canada but the plaintiffs couldn’t find any matching registrations in the country. is said to operate out of Bulgaria but again, no registrations could be found. Attempts by plaintiffs to make contact via the supplied telephone numbers failed. Distribution of Pirated Content, Non-Compliance Under the DMCA “Defendants, through these and other known and unknown Kiss Library websites, engage in the rampant, illegal copying, display, and distribution of copyright-protected ebooks for their direct financial benefit, including works written by the Authors and exclusively published or distributed by the Publishers,” the complaint alleges. All of the targeted domains claim to have official DMCA agents to handle takedown complaints but according to the plaintiffs, the Copyright Office has no record of any registrations. Furthermore, when the defendants processed copyright infringement claims and took down eBooks, they reappeared on the platforms shortly after. “As a result of Defendants’ wrongful conduct, Defendants also damage and harm the Publishers in the form of losses to sales, prospective customers, goodwill from authors who exclusively publish with them, goodwill from customers who receive Defendants’ inferior ebook copies, and resources expended in discovering and combatting infringement, as well as disruption and harm to their distribution arrangements, brands, and prospective business relationships with authors and others,” it continues. Copyright Infringement Claims Alleging willful direct copyright infringement, the plaintiffs demand actual damages and profits of the infringers or statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringed work. They further demand injunctive relief, including an order impounding all copies of the infringing materials. Alleging vicarious and/or contributory copyright infringement in respect of offenses carried out by Kiss Library’s users, the plaintiffs demand actual damages and defendants’ profits attributable to the infringements, or statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringed work and a similar injunction. In addition, the lawsuit demands an order requiring Kiss Library’s domain names to be disabled or handed over to the plaintiffs and preventing any commercial entities doing business with the platform, including banks, credit card companies and payment providers, from doing so. At the time of writing, all of the listed domains are either completely down or advising maintenance issues. — The complaint, filed by plaintiffs Amazon Publishing, Penguin Random House, Lee Child, Sylvia Day, John Grisham, C.J. Lyons, Doug Preston, Jim Rasenberger, T.J. Stiles, R.L Stine, Monique Troung, Scott Turow, Nicholas Weinstock and Stuart Woods, can be found here (pdf)
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    Server is down.
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    Site is experiencing connectivity issues for the past 1 hour.
  22. What is a torrent tracker? Torrent trackers reside on servers that regulate the communication between the leechers and seeders using bit torrent protocols. Trackers keep track of where files reside on peer machines during the time when clients request in order to transmit the requested files efficiently and reliably. The process of downloading a torrent is called leeching, while the process of uploading is called seeding. Seeding is the most important aspect of torrenting for other leechers to complete their downloading activity. There are two kinds of torrent trackers: Private torrent trackers and public torrent trackers. Public torrent trackers, also called open trackers are used by anyone by adding the tracker address to an existing torrent. While it is a common torrent tracker, data security and download speed are the main issues. Private torrent trackers are considered to be the best option presently available. Unlike open torrent trackers, private torrent trackers’ benefits are obviously the security and speed. It is much safer against viruses, malicious software, protection and privacy from other companies. Since it is a private tracker which enforce quality seeds, one is restricted and selected unless the user is registered with the torrent site. It is one of the reasons why most of the private torrent trackers are for invited individuals only. Each registered user is given the ability to grant a new user permission to register at the site. Benefits to sticking to a private tracker: Security. It is obvious that one of the best features private trackers offer is security. Users are comfortably allowed to download safely and privately without fear of being implicated with legal issues. Quality torrents. Most sites have various high-quality torrents for download that if uploaded torrents don’t meet their standards, they are deleted. Most of the sites that offer private torrent trackers have great selections of torrents that are hard to find. Speed. Another best feature of a private torrent tracker is speed. Most private torrent tracker providers have a fast internet connection; significant for great torrent seeding, aside from that users are obliged to share and seed back. With more seeders, downloading speed becomes better. Each seeder helps other seeders without compromising quality. Private and Safe. It’s private and no one’s looking over your shoulder as you download everything you want. Just like using VPN, one can safely download with anonymity. Users are selected and uploaded contents to tracker are screened for viruses. It is to ensure quality torrent seeds. A community. Most private torrent trackers users are helping individuals in answering questions, keeping files seeded and even uploading requested torrents. It becomes a community who gives value in sharing quality files over private BitTorrent clients. Seedbox and Private torrent trackers. Seedbox basically serves for a quick seeding and leeching, faster than home connections. One can bypass a bit torrent blocking restrictions using VPN without exposing oneself to legal issues. VPN makes your data encrypted before it is being transmitted in a swarm. The server creates a completely different address when downloading files from it as if you are in your own real home using FTP or some similar network protocol, in which RapidSeedBox highly recommends Deluge. With a seedbox, one doesn’t have to worry about ratio because, with VPN, one can be capable of seeding back 1:1 ration much quicker than before. As long as you still find your requested torrents are seeded, the ratio is still the same.
  23. uTorrent has been one of the most preferred & widely used torrent clients globally. It was an open-source application and extremely lightweight and probably hailed by every torrent downloader. Torrent files are those small files that make possible downloading larger files efficiently over the BitTorrent protocol. However, ever since BitTorrent Inc. bought it, they made it closed-source and stuffed it with unwanted advertisements and offers. With all that fuss created by uTorrent, came the desire to switch to a better torrent client. Torrent clients have been pretty sought after since they allow us to download stuff without having to rely on a central server. It is also pretty easy to share larger files with other by creating a torrent link. Over the time, some sophisticated alternatives to uTorrent have been introduced. In this article, we have lined up some of the best (and free) uTorrent alternatives for Windows 10/8/7 PC. uTorrent alternative software for Windows PC 1] Deluge Deluge is an open-source & cross-platform application for Windows. This torrent client is excellent, super smooth, and powerful. The application is highly customizable via a lot of additional plugin options. The user interface of the torrent client is a bit tricky to get by at first. It is a bit different than the regular torrent clients. But you won’t have a hard time using it; the layout is quite smooth. The standard installation adequately covers all the essentials & you should be able to quickly get started without much of a hassle. Key Highlights: -Light-weight & Add-free -Highly Customizable via plug-ins -Doesn’t have a built-in search engine -Doesn’t support sequential downloading. -You can download it from its homepage. 2] Tixati Tixati is another free torrent client that can be used as a convenient alternative to uTorrent. If you are looking for an application that provides detailed information for your torrents, Tixati is just for you. The client provides details on files, pieces, peers, trackers, and even provides event logging individually for all peers. The user interface requires a bit of improvement, but the application is fully packed to include all the major features. The application is a bit slower leading to an average overall user experience. Key Highlights: -Ad-free, Fully Featured -Portable version available -Slower & High-contrast User Interface -Doesn’t have a built-in search engine. -Download it from the homepage. 3] Transmission Transmission started off as a Mac-only client at first and immediately became so popular that the developers had to come up with a Windows version as well. This torrent client has arguably one of the best user interfaces. It is open-source, includes most of the features, and uses less than 25 MB in download state – making it one of the most lightweight clients in the business. However, it does lose out on some of the advanced mechanisms such as embedded trackers. The torrent client recently hit the news because of security vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers. However, the patch fix is out, and the problem had been taken care of. Transmission is one such torrent client which will ensure you have a great overall user experience. Key Highlights:-Ad-free, Super Lightweight -Minimalistic yet Fully Featured -Doesn’t have an embedded tracker -Doesn’t have a built-in search engine. Get it from its homepage. 4] BitTorrent BitTorrent is more like a rebranded version of the classic uTorrent. This torrent client is proprietary, which means that the source code is not available publicly. BitTorrent is also power-packed and highly customizable. However, the free version contains ads, and some advanced features are only available in the Pro version that can be purchased for $19.99. The application provides a fair overall user experience. This torrent client is cool, but often finds a tough competition from many other ad-free and open-source clients. Key Highlights:-Good UI, Available on Android too -Loaded with Advanced Features -Requires purchase to go Ad-free -Doesn’t have a tracker exchange functionality. -Download it from the homepage. 5] qBittorrent The qBittorrent project aims to provide an open-source software alternative to µTorrent. It is an advanced and multi-platform BitTorrent client with a nice Qt user interface as well as a Web UI for remote control and an integrated search engine. The free open source software aims to meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible. You can download it from 6] Vuze Final in the list, Vuze is a smarter cross-platform alternative to uTorrent. It has a built-in search, can be expanded via plug-ins, and can be set-up to run only on a virtual private network. The application also allows faster downloads by merging the swarms of multiple torrents that contain the same file. It is a truly loaded application and also contains built-in virus protection. The app scans all of your downloads for malicious files. While the application does have a lot of greatness packed-in, it also has some drawbacks of its own. The free version has a lot of ads and even pushes unwanted software. The user interface is not as intuitive as its peers, and the overall experience is only satisfactory because the application is heavy and slow. Key Highlights: -Good UI, Available on Android too -Loaded with Advanced Features -Requires Installing Java Runtime, Not Lightweight. -You can download it from its homepage. All of the uTorrent alternatives come with their own set of pros and cons. I would suggest you try each one and then decide which software suits you best. Personally, I prefer open source options like the Vuze since they offer an exhaustive set of feature without ending up being too commercial.
  24. Tracker Name: SportHD Genre: Sports Review: Sign Up Link: Additional Information: SportHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Sports Releases
  25. Tracker Name: Oxydos Genre: General Review: Sign Up Link: Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Oxydos is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY/GENERAL
  26. Tracker Name: TrueGear Genre: General Review: Sign Up Link: Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: TrueGear is a Private Torrent Tracker for AUTOMOTIVE E-LEARNING / GENERAL
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